R2AgilityOnline Privacy Policy

General Policy Regarding User's Private Information
R2AgilityOnline (R2Agility) will work as hard as possible to safeguard any private information entered on this site.  We have an ongoing effort to enhance the user experience and security of all data collected by the site.

Information Submitted by You
During the registration process, you will be asked to supply only that personal information required to accurately fill out an agility entry form.  No other personal info is required or currently requested about you or your dog(s).  Personal information is stored in a secure environment and only used to create agility entries.

You may also optionally submit address information for your credit card to speed the payment process. This information is stored in password protected databases and accessed only with a valid user password or administrator (R2AgilityOnline) password. NO credit card info (number, expiry, or security code) is stored on the R2 site.

Username and Passwords
During the registration process, you will need to supply a username and password combination.  This combination is requred to access the features of the site and is used to identify you and your dogs.  It is your responsibility to secure your username and password.  You are provided with a "Forgot Password" mechanism that will email your password.  You may then "Change Password" once logged in with the temporary password.

Data Collected
The site may collect other information regarding your usage of the website.  This may include information about the computer/network used to access the site, the pages viewed, and actions taken.  This information is regarded as personal information to you and is treated like all other personal information.

Financial Information
No financial information is collected by R2AgilityOnline.  We use a secure third party credit card processor to handle all financial transactions.  In the event that you need to share financial information with persons at R2Agility (for manual processing), information will be promptly destroyed and will not be saved.

Third Party Access to Data
While R2AgilityOnline has access to all data stored on its website, the only data available to third parties (trial secretaries) are the entry forms created on the website. No data is sold or otherwise offered to any other persons.

Questions and Comments
If you have questions and/or comments about this policy, please contact the webmaster at .